Massimo Ranieri in Lecce

Massimo Ranieri will return to Lecce to perform at the Politeama Greco on 25 November 2022.

In the new work of the famous artist, entitled “Tutti i sogni ancora in volo”, a disc produced by Gino Vannelli (producer of international fame), released on November 18, 2022.

Long awaited work, last album dates back to 1995, where there are songs by Lauzi, Sangiorgi, Fossati , by Fratelli Verrienti and other Big. There is also Giuliano Sangiorgi, another Salentino, to make a contribution within this new album by Ranieri. But a great space in this new challenge was taken by the Verrienti brothers, who signed four passages.


Agrogepaciok” the international food exhibition

From 5 to 9 November 2022 at “Lecce Fiere”, in Piazza Palio,                                the seventeenth edition of the largest professional fair in Southern Italy with annual dedicated to food & beverage.

400 brands on display and a rich program.

Among the novelties of this edition, the Agrogepaciok show, “Un Mare di Cacao – I Cioccolati del Mediterraneo”, show event dedicated to the culture of cocoa and chocolate, scheduled from 4 to 6 November in the former church of San Francesco della Scarpa in Lecce, organized by Agrogepaciok, Chamber of Commerce and Chocolate Company (free admission). “

“Agrogepaciok” 2022 is presented, therefore, with beautiful news, new starred chefs ready to rise in the chair, important competitions and gastronomic challenges that characterize from the beginning the International Exhibition of ice cream, pastry, chocolate and agri-food scene in Lecce.


A recce in Lecce

It is the title of the English online newspaper “Daily Mail”


Tribute to Lecce and its 100 churches with a particular eye on cuisine, and to the Masseria Trapaná that hosted CHIARA FERRAGNI, “If you are not happy here you will not be happy anywhere”, Guest at the DIOR fashion show in Piazza del Duomo.

“A recce in Lecce” means “A reconnaissance in Lecce” tells the newspaper the wonders of the Salento capital. Put on a par with Rome and Florence and highlighting, when it comes to Puglia, “irresistible” food and wine. But the focus remains on the churches.

You have to choose because it is impossible to visit them all, so “the equivalent of the clergyman of the Big five of the Safari” The Cathedral, the Basilica of Santa Croce, the churches of Santa Chiara, Sant’Irene and San Matteo. Midgley reporter tells the story is the peculiarity of the churches and then of the food.

Lecce offers the perfect opportunity to eat like an Apulian.

Poor cuisine speaks the report but which can also become Fill-you-up-a which means “able to satiate”, we challenge anyone to order a dish of meat or fish after eating a plate of zucchini and the irresistible plate of pasta – orecchiette – fricelli – beef ragout. There is also some for wine,

The primitivo (made of muscular red grapes known as Zifandel) which is also served cold. This statement may be a heresy for some.

The journalist talks about places to keep in mind when visiting the enchanting LECCE.

Vive le Cinéma. Festival of French cinema in Lecce

The cloister of the Provincial Library “Nicola Bernardini” of the Convitto Palmieri is ready to welcome, tonight at 8.30 pm, the inauguration of the fourth edition of Vive le Cinéma, the French film festival that for five days with screenings of short films, documentaries, feature films, master classes, meetings, book presentations, music, art installations, DJ sets and a summer school will give us a taste of the great cinema beyond the Alps