Fish from the Market and the Rosato Salentino

We will start in the main square of Lecce with a macro-and-micro introduction to Salento and the two seas that have formed the Adriatic and the Ionian. We discuss the strength of the moon over them and how this affects our local mollusk. And like those crustaceans they created our very celebrated roses.

We will walk through the beautiful historic center of Lecce, through a sculpture garden to the Salvatore fish market, where you will learn something about the fish on the plate (and how to cook them all).

Let’s go back to the Lecce school to make fresh pasta from scratch (from three ingredients, none of which are eggs). You will learn to clean squid, mussels, sea bream (it all depends on what is remarkable that day). We will have lunch, we will wash and we will sit at a blackboard to talk about the pinks of Italy, in particular the rosés of Salento. We will taste three, so we will pass on four-course meals, prepared by you and your international classmates. Expect lunch to last a long time. And we’ll take you to the main square of Lecce.