Sea Culture Week

The “Sea Culture Week” is a territorial, tourist and cultural marketing event organized by the Puglia&Mare Association with the support of the municipality of Gallipoli, which will take place in Gallipoli from 24 to 30 October 2022 and has always had the aim of enhancing the main resource of our Region. Programming:

20 ott
10:00 | Conference Room Municipality of GALLIPOLI
The municipal administration, the Puglia&Mare Association and the GAL Terra d’Arneo present the program of the tenth edition of the Sea Culture Week, which will take place in Gallipoli from 24 to 30 October 2022.
24 ott
18:00 | Gallery of the Two Seas – GALLIPOLI
Inauguration of the exhibition, of the painting exhibition with the works of BIAGIO MAGLIANI and of the photography exhibition with the shots of ALFONSO ZUCCALÀ, with the interventions of the Mayor STEFANO MINERVA and the critic MASSIMO GALIOTTA, in the presence of the city authorities and the GAL TERRA D’ARNEO.

25 ott

From 9:00 am | Primary schools – Dominican Cloister – GALLIPOLI
Experiential workshops on the marine environment organized by the Emys association.
18:00 | Gallery of the Two Seas – GALLIPOLI
The sea of women. The Rai writer and journalist TIZIANA GRASSI will dialogue with ELEONORA TRICARICO in a female audience, with the collaboration of the presidents of Fidapa, Pro Loco and Lions Club and Equal Opportunities Commissions. His book “Taranto at the rendezvous with the future. In conversation with the city on the paths of the sea” will provide a precious starting point for talking about development, starting from a city bathed by two seas such as Taranto and Gallipoli and the territory of Puglia.
26 ott
9.30 | Coppola Art Gallery – GALLIPOLI
Journalism course “Communicating the sea: journalism and innovative writing, narratives and images of the sea” accredited by the Order of Journalists with recognition of training credits. With FEDERICA SABATO, TOTI BELLONE, ANDREA DONAERA, BIAGIO MAGLIANI and CHIARA IDRUSA SCHIMIERI.
18:00 | Gallery of the Two Seas – GALLIPOLI
The sea of sustainability: when fishing gear didn’t pollute. Learn and pass on the ancient art of rush processing with the art master ANTONIO VINCENTI and the fisherman-poet LUCIO CHETTA. Presentation of the study on the damage caused by polystyrene and the project on compostable fishing boxes as alternatives to polystyrene by FEDERICO PERRELLA of the environmental youth movement “FARÓ”. Interludes of folk music by the choir “LINDINEDDHE” and the pizzica group “ANIMA E CORE”.
27 ott
9.30 | Purità Beach – Palazzo Grumesi Gallery (il Pettolino) – GALLIPOLI

Exhibition of Maritime Rescuers and other COAST GUARD soldiers.

Return to the sea of a stranded turtle and short educational workshop by the director PIERO CARLINO and the biologists of the Marine Turtle Recovery Center of the Natural History Museum of Salento.

The School and nautical and food and wine tourism organized by the “Amerigo Vespucci” Technical Institute of Gallipoli with a small tasting organized by the students and teachers of the professional hotel branch.

18:00 | Gallery of the Two Seas – GALLIPOLI
The sea of visions:

Rediscovery of Gallipoli folk music with musical interludes performed by the folk duo BENTIVOGLIO-MAURO with slide projection by ALFONSO ZUCCALÀ;

Video “The sacredness of water in the Beautiful City” on the Ancient Fountain of Gallipoli by the Comprehensive Polo 2 of Gallipoli;

Testimonials and videos of the MADE IN CARCERE project with LUCIANA DELLE DONNE, president of the Officina Creativa social cooperative;

Slide show on the five hundred years of the Rivellino cutting commented by the historian ELIO PINDINELLI;

Video on the fiftieth anniversary of the “A. Vespucci” Institute commented by the director PAOLA APOLLONIO;

Monologue by LUIGI MBA PÌ TRICARICO entitled “Sea” by Alessio Fasano;

28 ott
From 9:00 am | Primary schools – Dominican Cloister – GALLIPOLI
Experiential workshops on the marine environment organized by the Emys association.
6.00 pm | Gallery of the Two Seas – GALLIPOLI
The sea of ink – A metaphor of human life that can be read in filigree in the descent into the darkness of a cave and in the rebirth when the light of the outside world is recovered, is the common thread of the meeting with the writer, photographer and Apulian director CARLOS SOLITO. Of his novel “Too much night around me” (Sperling&Kupfer) and of his video “The Deep Fantasy. Dante’s journey into the caves of Puglia”, the author will dialogue with the writer and journalist NICOLÒ CARNIMEO of the Mare d’Inchiostro Literature Festival.
29 ott
9.30 am | Schipa Theater – GALLIPOLI


Workshop on the different forms of the maritime economy.
The journalist FABIANA PACELLA moderates.
Greetings from ALESSANDRA BRAY president of the Puglia&Mare Association, from STEFANO MINERVA Mayor of Gallipoli and from the representatives of the institutions present.
Presentation of studies by:

Confcommercio – the Portolanes project: GIUSEPPE CHIARELLI, TONI RIZZO;

Confindustria – The Blue Economy of SMEs: ROBERTO MARTI; Tourism and Sea: the Hospitality Industry: FERNANDO NAZARO;

UniSalento, Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences and Technologies – Technologies and Biotechnologies at sea: TIZIANO VERRI;

Gal Terra d’Arneo – opportunities and critical issues in fishing and new EMFF programming;

IOTA Higher Technical Institute: High specialization for professions in the Maritime Economy: GIUSEPPINA ANTONACI;

AMP Porto Cesareo – Environmental restoration interventions in favor of the Blue Economy: PAOLO D’AMBROSIO;

Puglia Sviluppo – Startups designed for the sea while respecting the environment – La Misura TecnoNIDI: ALFREDO LOBELLO;

Puglia Region: Department of training and work Puglia Region – Professions for the maritime economy – Conclusions: SEBASTIANO LEO.

At the end of the workshop:

Delivery to Prof. Paola Apollonio of the commemorative plaque of the fiftieth anniversary of the “A. Vespucci” Nautical Technical Institute;

Show cooking with selective sensorial thematic tastings in collaboration with the GAL Terra d’Arneo.

3.30pm | Departure from Bellavista Club – GALLIPOLI
Guided tour to discover an ancient and fascinating Gallipoli, with the added value of the sunset over the Ionian Sea, starting from the model of the miniature city with Luigi Mba Pì Tricarico (author of the model) and the photographer Toti Magno.
The evening continues in the historic center of Gallipoli with the route proposed by the Municipality’s Tourism Department, to discover the “Courts in celebration”. Along the itinerary you can admire live, in the suggestive ancient “courts”, artisanal workmanship, listen to musical performances and taste local specialities, while sipping excellent varieties of wine proposed by the Fisar sommeliers.
30 ott
7.30 pm | Schipa Theater – GALLIPOLI
Music, screenings and awards. Evening hosted by Barbara Politi and Giuseppe Albahari with the singer-songwriter Mino De Santis and the Terra del Sole ensemble. Mino de Santis presents his new album “Sassi d’acqua” and the song “Caddhipulina” with the voice of Giuliano Sangiorgi.
Will be delivered:
Vela Latina Awards, a recognition for the commitment of those who have distinguished themselves for actions aimed at the sea;
Icaro Awards for those who have immortalized its beauty with photos and videos;
Plaque to COSIMO DURANTE, President of the Local Action Group “Terra d’Arneo”, commemorating the 25 years that have passed since the establishment of the LAG.
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