“Sguardi”: the exhibition by Omar Galliani


Must- Historical Museum City of Lecce

From 09/14/2019 to 10/19/2019

The Contemporary Art Gallery of Foggia (Viale Michelangelo, 65 – Foggia) presents, from September 14 to October 19, 2019, “Sguardi”, personal exhibition of Omar Galliani, curated by Giuseppe Benvenuto and Walter Pennetta Conceived and designed by Giuseppe Benvenuto, the exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday 14 September 2019, at 6.30 pm, in the presence of Maestro Omar Galliani.

The exhibition includes about twenty works on wood made from the nineties to the present. This exhibition by Omar Galliani stems from an ancient desire, as much a contemporary one, if we consider words such as: introspection, observation, exploration, depth, vanity, aesthetics, physiognomy, beauty.  

The works are born from a unique and exemplary sign; a design that originates in the tradition of the history of Italian art and is reincarnated today in the contemporary world. In these works the mere use of a pencil or a pastel on a table investigates and searches, between eyelids and eyes, for the moment in which a mystery or an invitation to a close dialogue between you and the subject designed, observed is hidden. The sky, the stars and the constellations often occupy the space that hovers around the subjects who pose silent or moved in these tables that belong to a cycle of large-format works already exhibited in various museums in China and in Europe.

“Galliani, twenty years old – recalls Flavio Caroli – was lost mainly in two ambitions. In a search for magic, seduction, fascination that is the primary obsession of every great artist, at any time, be he tragic (Caravaggio), classic (Ingres) or fundamentally realist (Degas). Everything changes and everything runs, but there is no great artist when there is no pursuit of Beauty; of some form of Beauty. The second obsession of Galliani was in fact the executive quality, his own technique in the very ancient sense of the term, of painting and its mysteries: something not easy in a time when stutterers and bad painting seemed the key to modernity. Galliani obtained extraordinary results thanks to the miracles realized by a pencil, perhaps truly among the most gifted of the second post-war period. In the thirty and more years that separate us from those days, the miracle has only deepened “. «The research of Omar Galliani – adds Teodolinda Coltellaro – sinks in the figurative densities of the past, in the historical extensions of art, of which it evokes cultural models and linguistic motifs that combines an original expressive syntax.

His sensitivity, fully contemporary, knows how to grasp the transitory and complex aspects of our time, the mobile scenarios that characterize the systemic dimension, but translates them into ways and forms that stimulate the gaze to deeper interpretative paths that do not end in “Here and now”, proposing the recourse to memory and quotation as a process of creative rebirth in the alchemy of form. […] For Galliani, the work is, in a priority way, a design: from the physical dimension of tracing (of muscular exercise protracted to the extreme), of covering a surface with signs to its being an articulated, fluctuating, living phenomenon, animated by its own biology a memorial that determines its existence and in which worlds of darkness and light interpenetrate and interact admirably “.  The exhibition will be open every day, except Mondays, from 10.00 to 13.30 and from 15.30 to 19.00